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Meltique Beef Sirloin 4 kg cut 200 gr
Meltique Beef Sirloin 4 kg cut 200 gr

Meltique Beef Sirloin 4 kg cut 200 gr

Rp. 1,472,000
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Brand: Hokubee Australia PTY LTD
Product Code: Meltique Sirloin 4 kg cut 200 gr
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Availability: 2 - 3 Days

Product Details:

Weight: +/- 250gr per slice

Thick +/- 2cm

Price: 36,800 / 100gr

Individualy Vacuum Packed

Frozen - Individualy Quick Frozen (IQF)


About Meltique Beef

Meltique Beef is a simulated marbled Beef product, larded with Beef Tallow for consistency and guaranteed eating quality.

This process allows the natural juice to be retained as the marble is cooked out with no reduction in yield.

This unique Australian Beef is restaurant trimmed to a 15mm fat depth and a third of the silver skin removed. All bone and defects are also checked for and removed during trimming.

Meltique Beef is ideally suited for Hotel restaurant and catering. Product can be cooked from frozen.

The consistent shape and size of the Meltique Beef is achieved by specialist shaping of the product during wrapping. This helps achieves a greater portioning yield and profile for the end user.

Meltique Beef is an innovative Australian designed beef product that has appeal to a diverse range of end users. Primarily designed for the catering industry this product delivers a deceptive amount of benefits and potential.

Meltique Beef , consistent, reliable, tender, safe and Australian.

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