1. Are there any minimum order?

             No, we have NO MINIMUM ORDER policy, we value each of your order despite of its amount.

  1. Where are the delivery area?

             We deliver to most of Jakarta area (Jakarta Barat, Jakarta Utara, Jakarta Pusat, and Jakarta Selatan).

  1. How much is delivery cost?

             IDR 20,000

  1. Can you deliver outside the delivery area?

              Probably can, please kindly contact us

  1. How long it will take until my order delivered?

             For order received before 2PM and the item is ready stock, we will deliver right away.

             Order received after 2PM will be processed next business day.

             If the item is not ready stock, please allow us 2 business day for delivery.

  1. So what is your definition of business day?

              It’s Monday – Friday 9AM- 5PM and Saturday 9AM-12PM. Excluding public holiday.

       7. Is the amount stated during checkout is the final amount that I should transfer?

              In most cases yes it is, but please note that for chilled products such as Salmon Whole & Salmon Fillet the weight between one item and another may vary quite significantly

              and in order to serve you fresh, we usually don't have it in stock for chilled products. We will update you the final amount after we processed your order.

       8. What is the payment method?

              We only receive fund transfer through BCA or Mandiri at:


              5340092726 – Amelia Djajadi


              1180009825984 - Amelia Djajadi

       9. No Cash on Delivery (COD)?

             Sorry we only receive fund transfer, unless you want to self-pick-up at our place then you can pay in cash.

       10. Where is your place for self-pick-up?

             It's in Puri Mansion, Kembangan, Jakarta Barat.