At Celine Meatshop we believe that 'you are what you eat' and this has a significant implication in our lives. Now more than ever, it is difficult to find a balance of quality and price.

A good quality meat or seafood plays a central role in providing a healthy cooking. Consider the traditional market, where quality, hygiene and handling of meat or seafood is far from decent. It is very common for fish to died (frozen - defrost) several times before they display it 'fresh'. Or meat that has not been properly handled; hanged and surrounded by flies at room temperature for a long time where bacteria can grow to dangerous levels.

Celine Meatshop also believe that everybody can cook. We live in the age where all information can be easily accessed through Internet. Through self-cooking we can make sure what goes into our mouth and at the same time enjoying our fun time together with our loved one.

Every day Celine Meatshop is helping our customers live a healthier and happier lives by providing them with good quality meat or seafood with best price in a convenient way.